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Welcome to BBW Call a dedicated phone sex site for lovers of big beautiful women. If you have never had phone sex before then there is a first time for everything. I can assure you that after listening to these filthy ladies it won't be your last. These big and buxom women are sitting at home right now waiting for your telephone call to be diverted to them. At just 60p a minute you are getting live sex with a bbw at just 1p a second.

BBW Phone Sex 0909 894 7590

BBW Phone Sex - 0909 894 7590

BBW Phone Sex - I love talking filthy on the phone. I am single so when you call there will be no distractions just the two of us for some live chat. I am very bubbly and fun loving with a very open mind.

Although I love role play I am quite happy to take your lead and I don't mind doing all the talking. That is what I love most about phone sex, everyone is different. I know men enjoy the time we spend together as they always ask for my personal extension so have your pen ready!!


0909 894 7590

Ebony BBW 0909 894 7591

Ebony BBW - 0909 894 7591

Ebony BBW Taylor - Let me take your cock between my tits as I warm you up ready for action big boy. I'm an all natural bootylicious mama who's favourite position is on all fours doggie style. How long do you think you could hold back from jizzing over my black ass once I start to shake my booty.

Most guys are shocked at the filth I can dish on the phone but that's me, I just luv making out with guys I have never met.


0909 894 7591

Big Boobs 0909 894 7589

BBW Boobs - 0909 894 7589

Barbara Big Boobs - I am always being told how great my boobs look and yes they are 100% natural. I love talking dirty on the phone about them and role-play always gets me horny. I like to imagine my large dildo is your cock and how good it would feel between my cleavage as I lick your tip.

My tits are very sensitive and I love squeezing my nipples as I cum. Give me a call today so that we can make love on the phone and allow me to feel how good your cock is.


0909 894 7589

BBW Mistress 0909 894 7593

BBW Mistress - 0909 894 7593

BBW Mistress - I am looking for callers who feel worthy of my time. Be prepared to be dominated in your attempts to please me. I am a real life Mistress who does not appreciate time wasters or anyone incapable of coping with my sexual demands.

Domination phone sex will include cuckold, humiliation, feminization and forced feminization, sissy humiliation, sissy training and orgasm denial depending on your needs. Allow me to take control of your cock.


0909 894 7593

BBW Girlfriend

Teen BBW 0909 894 7597

BBW Teen - 0909 894 7597

Teen BBW Jane - I was often teased at school about my size but now I understand that being big and curvy does have it's advantages and that men do find me more attractive.

I’ll do anything you want so call me and let me suck the cum from your cock. It is a dream of mine to have my pussy licked for real one day as it is always so wet and horny. I’m waiting for your call and I would love to slip my fingers down my wet panties for you.


0909 894 7597

BBW Phone Sex

BBW Phone Sex - 0982 671 1110

BBW Phone Sex - I am a full figured blonde who loves having phone sex. When I am out guys always stare at my large tits and that in itself turns me on. I have a boyfriend but he has NO idea what I do while he is working shifts. I think he might be mad if he knew that I was fucking guys over the phone.

If you would like to phone fuck me while he is working give me a call and see how wet you can make me, I know I will make you hard.


0982 671 1110

BBW Mistress

Sympathetic Phone - 0982 671 1112

I prefer chatting to the more sincere gentleman. I am always happy to put my years of experience to good use in offering advice on a personal level or of a sexual nature. Nothing shocks me and I am a very good listener. It doesn't matter how embarrassing you feel your problem is, allow me to put things into perspective with a sympathetic and listening ear.

When you call me I will happily give advice from a females point of view or I can just listen and comfort you if it is a shoulder to cry on that you seek.


0982 671 1112


All calls to 0909 at 60p per minute. Ensure you have billpayers permission to call and that you are over eighteen. The line provider for these numbers is Pixie Promotions at PO Box 356, Leeds LS6 1WZ.

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